The Crew

In the photo above (taken in July 2013), I was able to get an extended family photo, that included my brother Mark (from Timmins), me (Wade), my brother Brian (from Sudbury) and our mother Marlene (who has since passed away).

When we are at a marina or within wifi reach on anchor, we fetch our email through a contracted web hosting mail server ( When underway, we use WINLINK and our HAM radio to send/receive email (without attachments).  

We have a Magic-Jack enabled telephone, with an Ottawa Canada number (613.699.0227). That telephone is not normally “on” but we always get voicemail messages.

Owner:  Wade, wade”at”     HAM callsign VE0JOW 

Wade comes from Northern Ontario, Matheson-Chapleau-Timmins to be more accurate, although he freely admits that he has lived more of his life in Kingston, Ontario than any other place.  However, with his oilfield experience in Egypt and Kuwait, and his military experience, operational and multiple tours in Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans – its difficult to say where Wade comes from.  Wade is also a SCUBA diver and instructor, with experience in Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and Thailand.  He served 26 years in the Canadian Forces and retired on 14 April 2009. Joana was the first boat he ever built.  In truth, Wade never even took shop class in high school.  He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), an MSc in Defence Technology (Electronics and Guided Missiles) from Cranfield University (Shrivenham, UK) and an MSc in Computers and Information Technology from Regis University (Denver, Colorado, USA).

Captain:  Diane, diane”at”      HAM callsign VE0JOD

Diane comes from the Ottawa area, but spent most of her life working in Kingston.  She is retired from the nursing profession and busy organising our family’s busy social schedules.  Diane is a beginner SCUBA diver, with experience in Cuba.  Diane has many skills and during the building phase was responsible for making an exterior tent, winch/windlass covers, curtains, bedding and cushions and had great influence in galley layout.  She also got her HAM license at the same time as Wade. At sea, she is responsible for provisioning, cooking and all medical issues – as well as taking her share of watches.

Occasional Hand:  Joana, joana”at” 

Daughter – Joana was born in Timmins, Ontario but mostly raised and educated in Germany and The Netherlands.  She is also a beginner SCUBA diver and has dove in the Red Sea with me.  Joana has achieved her degree in Dance at Fonty’s University in Tilburg, The Netherlands – and is currently employed in the Netherlands (and elsewhere) as a professional dancer and aerial artist. 

See Joana’s website here.

Occasional Hand:  Jonathan, jonathan”at” 

Son – Jonathan was born in Kingston, has a high school diploma under his belt and has dabbled with the merits of a College education. He is also a beginner SCUBA diver. Jonathan did quite a bit of work on the boat in the building phase and learned a lot about carpentry, plumbing and electrical. Jonathan is particularly skilled at whipping and ropework and is a Boatswain in the Canadian Navy. 

Occassional Hand: Dr Raoul Schwing

Son – Raoul has also been an occasional hand on SV Joana, particularly in the early years while fitting out and sailing trials. Raoul is an expert in comparative cognition / animal behaviour and currently employed at the Messerli Research Institute (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna Austria).