People who helped

People who helped to build Joana:

In building my own boat, I had help from a number of people along the way.  Some offered advice, some loaned me tools or materials, and some offered their labour.  I am grateful for their assistance – as the journey of building a boat is a long and arduous one, and even occasional inspiration is good.  At the beginning, many peole asked me “How long will it take, how many man-hours?”  My response was that I was not building a model airplane or a doghouse, and that it was not my intention to track it on an hourly basis.  However, I later realized that my goal was to be complete in 5 years, although this ended up taking me 10 years, with 7 years of real effort – since I was out of the country for 3 years.  Here is an estimate of the total number of “man-hours” which were needed to construct this boat, from plans to completed yacht.

I kept a reasonably good log of people who stopped by to give me a hand, the details follow in the table below.  Total donated time is estimated at 265 days (this is based on an 8 hour day) = 2,120 hours.

My own estimated time is 9,492 hours (based on 23 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, for 7 chronological years, plus an additional 4 weeks @ 40 hours per week).

Therefore, the total estimated invested labour is approximately:

                                   11,614 man-hours.

Our son Brandon (pictured at right) put in time working on the boat while fighting cancer.  He was there for the launch, and our first outing.  Unfortunately, he lost his battle and passed away at the young age of 9.  We will always remember Brandon and his special way of dealing with life and its many problems.  He taught us a lot ……….

The list below is an alphabetical listing of those who helped with what: