2018 and older posts

In 2019, after nearly a decade of using the same web publishing software, I was forced to change in January 2019. Ouch. It was painful. Caution – some “internal” links may be broken, but I’ve done my best. It’s a very time consuming task trying to keep this material working.

Here are the older blog years, back as far as 2009, when we left on our long and slow circumnavigation: (Sadly, it appears that some of these links no longer work – but I’m working on it)

2018 Blog (rewritten)

2017 Blog (rewritten)

2016 Blog (rewritten)

2015 Blog (rewritten)

2014 Blog (rewritten)

2013 Blog (rewritten)

2012 Blog (rewritten )

2011 Blog (rewritten)

2010 Blog (rewritten, but is still missing some photos)

2009 Blog (rewritten)