2023 Mileage Summary

As we continue, ever so slowly, to complete our Westbound circumnavigation, I find that it is useful to post a summary of our mileage for the year. As you can see, it is Westbound, and I view that to be progress – as we slowly move towards the Caribbean where we will eventually “close the loop”.

2 thoughts on “2023 Mileage Summary”

  1. What a wonderful adventure! Seeing your western progress on a map like you have displayed, really put last year’s traveling into prospective for me. You both have experienced the world (almost), have met many others who are journeying as well and seen many places. I may not see all the sights and places, I feel that I have through your pictures and tales …..thank you again for posting blogs about your travels.
    Take care Wade & Diane

    1. Hı Wade and lovely Diane,
      I mooved to Gazipaşa Marina, we are ünder construction. Maybe ın july 2024 öpen.
      So nice to Read and see you again,
      You are good people, nice to meet with you,
      Best regards and love
      Mesut ANILGAN.

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