Roadtrip to Sapadere Kanyon

6 March 2021 – ROADTRIP to Sapadere Kanyon (Canyon)

We took another road trip with Pam and Eric (SV PIED A MER), this time to Sapadere Canyon about 45 km from the Alanya city centre.

We first drove along the coast heading SE, passing banana plantations, greenhouses, and countless resorts, and then turned into the mountains.

Our driver Kareem drove us first to his family home and then through the Sapadere Canyon road to the Canyon itself. This was actually his mother’s home, and she spends the winter living with her sons (one at a time) and then returns in the summer – and then they come to visit.

On the way to Sapadere Canyon, you get the feeling that you are traveling through the heart of the Taurus Mountains.

You pass through small villages, and endless picturesque scenes, as the car moves higher in altitude.

Eventually, the snow and ice are found at the edge of the road in the shade.

At the end of the road, there is an area where you can easily park your car, several artificial ponds, a small restaurant, a picnic area and a gift shop. There was a modest entry fee of about $2 CDN per person. The waterfall and natural pool are at the end of a 750m walking path at the end of the road – through the deep canyon.

The water pipes shown in this photo provided fresh, clean, “pressurized” water for many of the local villages. We read that swimming in this canyon water is popular in the summertime, but it is WAY TOO COLD to do that in March.

Life (this tree, perched on the edge of the canyon wall) always “finds a way”.

We enjoyed lunch at a picnic table outside and then headed back home.

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  1. There’s some much to do and see in the vast world we live in.
    Looks like you’re seeing a lot more of it than most folks ever will.
    Keep on enjoying. 😊

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