1994 Boatbuilding

In 1994, I finished plating the hull.  First the radius chine, then the upper and lower sections, and lastly the deck.  As I mentioned in the 1993 posting, when plating, it is important not to stress the skeletal structure.  You must install a plate, and then flip to the other side either fore or aft, in order to fairly distribute the load.  I have seen this done poorly and the result is very obvious.

In this photo, you can see deck plating mid-ship on the port side.

The keg and rudder assembly are starting to take shape.

There is one steel bulkhead inside the boat, separating the main cabin from the fore cabin. This is a 10/32” plate and provides an increase in hull strength at the forward end.

My daughter Joana came to live with me for half a year, and during this time I finished off the bowthruster tube, and the remainder of the hull plate seam welding. There was lots of grinding to be done. I didn’t grind inside seam welds, but did grind the exterior seam welds.